Hypocrite Milliband on the Griddle


Ed “Wallace” Milliband cooking on the griddle

Ed “Wallace” Milliband thought he had jumped on a good bandwagon when he started trying to blame Dave “Flashman” Cameron for the News of the World hacking scandal. It must have seemed such an easy target because Cameron had employed a former NotW editor who later resigned as Cameron’s PR chief because he was becoming the story. Poetic justice then that someone noticed Wallace had employed another News International journalist as his PR chief and that this former NI employee had hired private investigators to hack personal bank accounts.


Firetrench Directory

After an apparently good week, Milliband’s prospects are looking bad again.

Wallace has just had to warn off his Shadow Ministers from attacking Cameron U turns because his study groups have discovered the voters actually like a Government that listens and changes policy. In the longer term Cameron U turns may work against him because this Blairite approach of drafting policy from study group findings of voters feelings will eventually come unstuck as it did for Blair.

The most dangerous Milliband error may prove to be his early attempts to smear Cameron. News International executives are warning colleagues that worse is yet to come as new revelations emerge.The scandal is firmly seated in the period of the Blair Brown Regime when Milliband was a Minister and part of the Regime’s unsavory behavior where criminality and incompetence were endemic.

It is now emerging that Blair himself has been part of a campaign of pressure on the Labour MP at the front of attacks on News International. The MP Tom Watson has been told that he will “be persued for the rest of his life”.


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