I will NEVER stop fighting for you

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While Crooked Hillary rakes in millions from the special interests and Washington, D.C. power brokers who have hijacked our country, I will keep working directly for the American people.


Crooked Hillary is in this race to make herself richer at the expense of your freedom, safety, and future. I’m in this race to fight for the Silent Majority.

If every single one of our supporters made a contribution, we could outraise Crooked Hillary’s – and prove that NO ONE can silence the American people.

I’ve set a massive FEC end-of-quarter goal to stop Crooked Hillary. Make a contribution now to show Crooked Hillary that her days of exploiting the American people for her personal gain are OVER.






Crooked Hillary doesn’t want our country to change. The current system that keeps wages low, the economy stagnant and middle-class families down has made her millions.

She will never fight for the millions of Americans desperate for real change.

I promise to rattle the system that has left you in the dark. I promise to go to Washington and fight for the American people.

Ian, together you and I will Make America Great Again!

Contribute $35 toward our end-of-quarter goal.


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Donald J. Trump

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