ID interrogation centres


NO2ID reports: “ID Interrogation Centre network. How do you fingerprint and number 60 million people? ( or how do you eliminate the 20 million extra bogus idenities already issued under the National Insurance Number scheme ) To begin with you need to get them to come to you. The government’s solution to that problem is to make people report themselves when they get a passport.

As part of the creeping move to state identity control in Britain, ID interrogation centres are being set up all around the UK (see map left, or link to Chris Orr’s Google Map of the centres we have uncovered). To begin with there will be 69, on top of the existing Passport Offices. A company called Mapeley, which owns the offices of HM Customs and Revenue, has been given the job of setting them up. Planning applications may all be in by the end of 2006. Operations will start some time in 2007.

So, from early next year, when people (as young as 16) apply for their first adult passport, they will have to attend their nearest centre. There they will be subject to background checks, questioning to test their story against official records, photographs, and, before long, fingerprinting. Registration on the national ID database will follow.

Even though the ID database has not been built yet, this system will collect and store the information about hundreds of thousands of people for later use. Passports already meet international standards. The only reason to do it is to prepare for the ID scheme.”

Some commentators suggest that it will be difficult to make the interrogation system work, but this overlooks the success in Germany and the Soviet Union in the 1930s. The system will not address professional criminals, terrorists and foreign intelligence agents because these categories are adept at forgery and in circumventing State Police systems. It will be highly affective in controlling the main population and in extending patronage and penalties to enable the national socialists to continue in power.

One essential element is the formation of a Secret State Police agency. The Blair regime has already done this in the creation of a new national police force that swears allegence not to the Head of State (in Britain that is the Monarch, currently HM Queen Elizabeth II ) but to the Party Leader ( currently Tony Blair ).

The next essential step is to open a network of interrogation centres from which the secret police can operate. Potentially the Internal Passport system provides this network.

It is then necessary to establish a network of information resources which is what will now happen as three separate Departments will link their existing databases together to serve the Internal Passport system.

Once that is achieved, more and more Government databases can be linked into the network and serve as an exchange for information contributed by citizens about neighbours and relatives as was exampled under the East German Government and its Stazi secret police.

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