Impeach Brown Now


With the death toll rising in Afghanistan, now is the time to impeach “Bottler” Brown and start supporting British troops with the resources to fight a war.

The immediacy of modern news media makes the war in Afghanistan look unwinnable and encourages those who would like to bring home British troops whatever the the situation. The reality is that any war that has to be fought largely on a face-to-face basis will result in deaths. In terms of close quarters fighting, the British death toll is tragic for the families of those killed and wounded and for those comrades who fight on, but the casualty figures are still relatively low.

We now know that “Bottler” Brown has played a key role in making sure that British troops go to war under-equipped and where equipment has been supplied it is of a very low quality in many cases. The belated attempts to equip British soldiers with mine-resistant vehicles is not only too little too late, but has also resulted in the eventual purchase of a vehicle that was rejected by the US Department of Defense because it failed during testing.

As “Bottler” Brown is determined to cling on to his pay, expenses and growing gold plated pension fund for as long as possible, now is the time for Members of Parliament to demonstrate that they are not all self-serving sleazy crooks by voting to impeach “Bottler” for his many high crimes.

BSD Newsdesk

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