Impeachment Moves to the Senate, Trump Defense Team needs you next week, and Things that Drive Us Crazy

House Democrats made their move this week, sending the Articles of Impeachment against President Trump, from the House to the Senate. Despite Democrats claiming to be “sad” and “somber,” Nancy Pelosi was seen smiling, laughing, and handing out commemorative pens.

Congressional Democrats are actively weaponizing the impeachment process to attack a duly elected President. Not only is this a blatant attack on our President, but it is also an attack on our Constitutional Republic.


So, as this sham impeachment moves to the Senate, the Trump Defense Team needs your help.


To defend our President and our Republic, what we need you to do is:


  1. Call your Senators and urge them to vote to acquit the President.
  2. Sign up for our Trump Defense Team email list to hit back against the Democrats’ lies on social media.

The coming week will be a historic one, as President Trump has become the 3rd President and 1st Republican to be impeached. But unlike the other Presidents, who may have deserved impeachment, the Democrats impeached Trump without any evidence of a high crime or misdemeanor.


That is why this occasion’s historic relevance will ultimately serve as a cautionary tale that poses Speaker Pelosi as a vindictive power seeker willing to abuse her office and trample on the Constitution to unfairly prosecute a successful President because he was not of her party. Essentially, Pelosi’s impeachment is nothing more than a sham — a partisan attack on a duly elected President.


Nancy Pelosi, Adam Schiff, and Jerry Nadler, along with their Democratic cronies, are pushing forward with this sham because they haven’t been able to get over the results of the 2016 election. President Trump has continuously delivered on his campaign promises; he has produced a strong economy, tax cuts and America First trade deals during his first three years in office, while Democrats know none of their candidates stand a chance against him in the upcoming election.


So, as a result, this week, we will see Democrats in the Senate make the same unconvincing case for impeachment that they made in the House. The affair will last all week, beginning with Democrats presenting their case, followed by the President’s team giving his defense.


We expect the trial to last all week, with the final vote will take place on the week of January 27th.


However, before the trial even starts, we already know the results. The President did nothing wrong. The Democrats have absolutely no evidence that any high crime or misdemeanor, so all honest Senators, Senators who believe in the Constitution and the Separation of Powers, will vote to acquit. President Trump will be acquitted and will continue his work to Keep America Great.


Democrats will lose.

Do you know what drives us crazy? Just days before this impeachment sham is set to begin in the Senate, a “non-partisan” Congressional Watchdog is claiming the President violated the law in withholding aid to Ukraine.


As if the timing wasn’t immensely suspicious, Democrats immediately jumped all over this story claiming that they had finally found their evidence as to why the President should be impeached.


The problem?


The law that the President supposedly violated is known as The Impoundment Control Act. And in the act, there is a provided resolution for the situation in which a President reportedly violates it. And the solution isn’t impeachment….


Even if their allegations were true, the violation of this act is not an impeachable offense, and they know this.


Sorry Democrats, you’re still not fooling anyone with your lies.

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In liberty,


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