In 2016, UK councils cashed £338million in parking penalty charges

Newly released data from the RAC foundation for motoring, declares the total income from parking in England 2015-16 exceeded £1.5 billion; 4% higher than in 2014-15.

To determine parking income, three main sources were considered: meter income, residents’ and business permits, and penalties.

Bearing this in mind, decided to analyse exactly which areas of the UK are receiving the highest income from parking charges and whether it has risen or fallen in the past year.

Some of the findings include:

·         RAC declares: UK parking income exceeded £1.5 billion in 2015-16; a 4% rise

·         In 2016, UK councils cashed £338 million in parking penalty charges alone

·         In 2016, parking income for UK councils outside London amounted to £906 million

·         Brighton and Hove council earning the most, at £28.7 million: an increase of 6%

Please see the press release attached for more information, including detailed infographics.

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