IndiRef – Confused – Don’t be – #8 – BREXIT the Victory


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So the people have spoken and Great Britain has voted to LEAVE the EUSSR, rejoin the world and look forward to being good friends with our neighbours.

Sadly, the months of talking Britain down by the REMAINIACS will cause a more volatile initial market reaction. The media has generally behaved very badly and the BBC must urgently be assessed with a view to removing its Fifth Columnists and making it once more a bench mark for impartial and accurate news reporting – difficult to accept today, but the BBC was once the world standard for accurate news, listened to by people around the world because it was unbiased. A high priority should be to remove its taxation system.

Now is the time to come together and work for a very bright future.

BREXIT the Campaign may have been hard work and dedication, but now is when the work really starts.

During the coming months, more of our neighbours will consider their own exit campaigns, knowing that we, their largest single market, will be here to welcome them to freedom, democracy and fair trading.

The frantic activity around the world’s financial markets reflects two things. Firstly, all those who believed the Bank of England and George Osbourne are losing their shirts. Secondly, the markets are still unsure how many other EUSSR satellites will EXIT and when. Unsurprisingly, Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands have politicians demanding their own IndiRefs for when Great Britain votes to LEAVE – well we voted yesterday so what’s keeping you?

France, the people, have long been Eurosceptics and they can be expected to demand their own IndiRef. Finland has a strong Eurosceptic following. The big surprise could still be Germany where the disconnect between the gravy train politicians and the people is at least as great as in Great Britain. There may have been two World Wars, but the positive similarities between Germans and British are far greater than their differences.


So today Junker will have ordered a very large liquid breakfast to drown his sorrows and the gravy train is about to hit the buffers. The huge problem for Brussels is that most of the EUSSR GDP is about to walk out the door, leaving the poorest European nations and the looming entry of Turkey into the EUSSR – there just isn’t the money left to pay the lavish lifestyles of the vast army of overpaid Eurocrats. One thing that the exiting nations must consider is how they can best assist these nations and build a new fraternity of friendly neighbours, working together freely and in friendship.

The future opportunities for all are enormous.

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