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The vote for independence was a momentous rebellion in a very British manner. The full ramifications have yet to be seen. Within Great Britain it offers the opportunity to break free from the Nineteenth Century politics that have bedevilled Europe for 150 years. In Europe it offers the same huge opportunities for those able to summon the courage displayed in Great Britain.

We should recognise the great personal courage of each person who voted for BREXIT against the might of the LibLabConScotsNazi Establishment that tried every trick to rig the vote and depended entirely on fear and lies and hate because they had no positive case for REMAIN.

We should also recognise that not everyone who voted for REMAIN was a dishonest REMAINIAC. The young who actually went out to vote, roughly 36% of those eligible to vote, were more likely to vote for REMAIN. However that was not their fault. They had been brought up in a seriously devalued education system and fed constant streams of Eurocrat propaganda, including cartoons that suggested adults driving 4X4s would cause global warming, rising floods that would inundate London and drown thousands of lovable cuddly puppies. Against that education system, which also taught that British history was all bad and not worth learning, it is hardly surprising that the younger voter was more vulnerable to REMAINIAC lies.

What some are coming to understand, particularly whinging REMAINIACS, is that the IndiRef was almost the easy part. The real hard work begins now. Opportunity is there for those prepared to seize it and that requires work and determination.


It also means that the gravy train on which so many REMAINIACS had come to depend has now hit the buffers – there will be no free ride, but the poor bloody taxpayer can expect to benefit.

Great Britain faces something of a Constitutional crisis. The Parliament is stuffed with REMAINIACS and troughers, the people who milked the expenses system, engaged in criminality and generally enjoyed a high life on the taxpayer. They are also people of the past, stuck in that Nineteenth Century time warp of Left vs Right conflict that created the adversarial environment of the Westminster Bubble where Left would decry their own policies if the same policies were proposed by the Right.


The dilemma is how we move forward, when the people of the Twenty First Century New Politics are not in Government, or even adequately represented in the House of Commons or the House of Lords. As we are now seeing, the Establishment rigged the last General Election against New Politics and broke electoral law in the process. We will see how the Establishment conspired to commit war crimes, which was alien to the British instincts. We will see how a handful of big and amoral corporations managed to bribe and threaten the Establishment into placing them above the law. These are still huge vested interests and the fight has to continue against them.

During the next few weeks we need to be vigilant against this corrosive forces and we need to start the process of implementing the will of the British People. Waiting until late October for the Conservatives to sort out their internal mess is simply not good enough. We should invoke Article 50 with least delay and pass emergency legislation to make British Law supreme once more, take full control of our borders and fisheries, control remaining state industries like the NHS. Any delay in the interests of the Establishment, led by Cameron and Corbyn, is not in the interests of the British People, or the People of Europe.

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Negotiation with Europe is not the imperative and the European Commission may soon not represent any significant European economies. Britons and EU states need to continue trading and there is no reason why an interim accord could not be quickly achieved to allow this and recognise passports, but under short terms that could be renewed for a further short term, while the many Member States now demanding their own equivalent of BREXIT are able to hold their referenda.

There are mechanisms that already exist within Europe but outside the EU that could be developed to produce a new European Council that is not staffed by an army of bureaucrats but exists as a forum for all European States to work together as sovereign states and good neighbours to resolve any issues and assist each other as their individual Governments see fit.

We also need to begin free trade negotiations with all the nations queuing up to strike deals with us. That should be one of the highest priorities as we re-engage with the World. Some of those countries may well be former EU Member States.

What we must recognise is that the world is once more looking to Great Britain for the lead in something that is uniquely British and based on a thousand years of democratic development. We rose to the challenge on June 23rd, we must now rise to the challenge to help build a new international environment of opportunity, prosperity and freedom


LONG LIVE THE BRITISH REVOLUTION, reasonable, proportional, respectful, hard-working, fair, democratic.

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