Is Dave Camoron Coming Back From Holiday Again?


British Prime Minister “Clueless” Cameron, is considering returning early from holiday – Not because of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine but in response the the defection of one of his MPs to Ukip.

The invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian Nazi Leader Putin and his thugs does not seem to have disturbed the tranquility of the Camoron holiday, but the Press Meeting where Ukip Leader Nigel Farage welcomes Tory MP Carswell to the Ukip fold appears to have sent an electric shock up the Camoron back(bone?).

Ukip are taking the moral high ground by announcing that Carswell is seeking re-election under Ukip colours rather than simply walking across the Chamber of the Commons. This really is very refreshing although with such a short time to go before a General Election, some may say that this is a missed opportunity for Ukip to hold Camoron to account from across the Commons Floor.

Let us hope that Carswell is returned with a thumping majority to continue to serve his Constituents loyally from the Commons.

The media is now building a fever as it awaits further announcements of defections to Ukip. The rumour mill is predicting 11 Tory MP defections and 2 Labour defections to Ukip.

Now wouldn’t that be really refreshing to know that 14 serving MPs consider their duty to serve the interests of their Constituents rather than stuffing their snouts in the trough and serving the political elite and big business!!!!!

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