It’s the 4th anniversary of that great day

Incredibly, it’s the 4th anniversary of that great day, 23rd June 2016, when we voted to leave the EU.

Well, finally, thanks to the impact of The Brexit Party, with your support, we did leave on 31st January this year.  I said then that we would hold the Conservative Government to their promise, not to extend the transition period beyond December 2020.

So far so good: the Government have confirmed recently to the EU that we will not be extending. David Frost our chief negotiator, is working on a free trade deal. But we enter a period of maximum danger, when Boris may concede the big prize and instead sign up to us staying in the EU rulebook.  That would be Brexit in name only and the Govt needs to know that we would not accept that.

That is why The Brexit Party hopes you will renew your support here for another year to help continue our work.

There is much else where the Government is not doing well and need holding to account. We have real concerns over their handling of the Covid 19 crisis, over our future relationship with China, Huawei, and our security. There is also the culture battle emerging, where the police and government have allowed unlawful, violent protests, the tearing down of statues and assaults on our war memorials.

These are tumultuous times and we will be seeking your views in upcoming surveys to see where you stand on these important issues.

Even free speech is under threat, as most people in public life are too afraid to admit that the actual Black Lives Matter organisation is a Marxist, anarchist entity. It threatens to widen, not heal divisions within our society.

Thank you for your help so far and do renew your support here if you can for another year.

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Best wishes,

Nigel Farage
Leader of The Brexit Party