Its The Sun Wot Won It


Lord Gravytrain, AKA twice disgraced Minister Peter Mandelson, is alleged to have throw a hissy fit at the senior management of the Sun newspaper and it parent corporation after the Sun announced that it was moving its support to the Conservatives and David Cameron.

The Sun claimed in 1997 that its support of Phony Blair and New Formula One Labour won the General Election. That was an over confident claim but the significance of the move of support away from the Blair Brown Regime demonstrates that leading elements of the news media now see the Conservatives as the wining party and want to move in behind them.

It has been suggested that former Blair Brown groupie Marr recently put “Bottler” Brown on the spot by asking about his addiction to drugs was an attempt to begin his move to supporting the Conservatives. In the process he struck a very raw nerve which suggests that there may have been some truth in recent persistent allegations circulating about “Bottler’s” dependence on strong prescription drugs. It was interesting to see the outrage from the Blair Brown Regime which is their proven reaction to being caught out. It may not have been a question frequently asked of politicians but in view of the very strong and persistent rumours it was a fair question because mood altering drugs have the potential for shaping decisions in the same way that alcohol addiction can.

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