It’s Time to Exempt America from Obamacare


One week from today we will gather on the West Lawn of the US Capitol in Washington, DC for the Exempt America Rally. Will you join us?


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On Tuesday, September 10th at 12pm thousands of Tea Party Patriots from across the country will gather with other pro-liberty groups to fight the funding of President Obama’s destructive healthcare law.

The Obama administration has already unilaterally delayed the implementation of the law for Big Business. The IRS union – who is charged with enforcing the law – doesn’t want it, the Teamsters say it will destroy the 40 hour work week, and now Members of Congress and their Staffs have received special protection from the law. It is time that Congress extend the same consideration to the American people. It’s time to Exempt America from Obamacare.

The looming budget battle may be our last chance to stop Obamacare before the January 1st deadline. We will need as large a turnout in Washington as possible. We must show Congress, on their first day back from their summer vacation, that they cannot run to DC to hide from the American voters.

We encourage you to make plans to join us at the Capitol building to remind Congress that the American people will be watching their actions over the coming weeks. You can find more information about the rally at, and you can find out where we’ll have buses going to the rally at

We hope that you’ll be able to join us in this critical moment!

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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