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“I know I had a Policy at Moment Ago – Must be Here Somewhere,” Dave U-Turn Cameron, November 27, 2012

So Dave “U-Turn” Cameron made yet another U-Turn and tried once more to smear the UK Independence Party and its supporters, siding with the Rotherham SS Gruppen Fuehrer who believes its correct to discriminate against children and foster parents on political terms.


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The LibCons are torn between trying to link up with the UK Independence Party and trying to rubbish it. Yesterday the semi-Conservative wing of the LibCons was trying to persuade (Can Anyone Tell me What My Policy is Today?) Cameron to save up to 50 seats at the next election by striking a deal with the UK Independence Party only to see the pro-EU Cameron Liberal wing repeating the foul slur that claims all UK Independence Party supporters are mental retards and racists. So much for grownup politics, but what can we expect from a bunch of self-serving professional politicians who are rich spoilt kids?

There is not a cigarette paper difference between Cameron, Milliband and Clegg. They all come from privileged backgrounds and behave like spoilt children who have been over-indulged by their parents, which they probably have been.

They should be deeply concerned that the scandal uncovered in Rotherham is endemic throughout the social services industry. They should be doing something to stamp out politically correct racist discrimination. There are plenty of recent laws to allow the SS to be prosecuted for its apartheid policies.

They should also be committed to returning Britain to democracy and freedom but they are not. They are much more interested in their own perks and privileges.

They are coming to realize that the UK Independence Party presents a real threat to them because it reflects the will of the people as demonstrated in poll after poll, and recently after the Corby by-election.

The really terrifying fact is that only the UK Independence Party currently has a suite of policies that can help Britain emerge from the economic disaster created by the Blair Brown Regime. As Balls and Milliband never tire of telling us, it is a recession created in Downing Street under the Blair Brown Regime!!!

This is terrifying because UKIP currently does not have the real prospect of winning enough seats at the next General Election (scheduled for 2015), to become a majority Government. The probability is for yet another coalition of two of the three old failed Parties, none of whom really has a clue how to address the issue of economic growth and no interest in returning Britain to democracy. However, two years is a very long time in politics and it is even possible that either the UKIP roll will continue to gain ground and win financial backers to win a Westminster General Election, or for the LibCons to be driven out of the Conservative Party to enable UKIP and the Conservatives to merge into a winning team. The latter may be the less interesting possibility because the only way to make a truly fresh start in British politics is to replace the three old failed Parties with a Party committed to Britain, British voters, democracy, freedom and free trade.

Indications from Rotherham are that the UK Independence Party has been steady gaining ground with at least 26%, of those who say they will vote on Thursday, still claiming to be undecided. On paper, the polls suggest that the final result will be very close and that UKIP could win the seat. That polling information is reinforced by Cameron’s attempts to smear UKIP with a foul racist slur that borders on the slanderous and potentially is an offence under race legislation. It would be interesting if an ambulance chasing lawyer was to bring a class action on behalf of more than 2 million UKIP supporters against Cameron. Potentially the class action could be even larger because currently more than 65% of the British electorate support UKIP policies and may object to being called racist mental retards by Cameron.


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