Joe Biden said that I’m not Black!


In case you missed it, Joe Biden insulted me and all Black America when he unveiled his true feelings:
“If you got a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or for Trump then you ain’t Black.”

I’ve said many times that the Democrat party is keeping the black vote enslaved, and Biden’s disgusting, racist comment proves my point perfectly!
In this critical election year, I’ve unleashed the biggest effort in history to mobilize the mass exodus of millions of Black Americans from the Democrat Party.
But I cannot do this alone.  That’s why I’m reaching out today to ask for your help.
So, will you support me and this critical movement that may very well be the deciding factor that swings the election to President Trump in November?

As a proud Trump supporter, I was disgusted when I heard what the former Vice President said.

But honestly, I wasn’t surprised.
I’ve known for a long time that Joe Biden and his fellow socialist Democrats view black people as committed voted base who don’t ask questions.
And they’ve taken the black vote for granted for FAR TOO LONG!
That’s why I need you to stand with me today by making the most generous donation you can afford.

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I’m fighting against the Joe Bidens of the world who feel entitled to the Black Vote simply because of the party they belong to.
Can you imagine the shock on election night as these entitled socialist, race-baiters witness millions of “their” voters leaving the Democrat Plantation to help re-elect President Trump?
As I already said, I can’t win this fight by myself.  That’s why I’m counting on you and other fellow conservatives to make this scenario a reality.
Together, you and I to can and WILL make history in 2020!
So, please stand with me today by supporting this crucial movement with your most generous gift right now.
Thanks in advance for your support!

Yours in freedom,
Candace Owens