Join our call tonight about President Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee

Please join me tonight for a special telephone town hall to discuss President Trump’s Supreme Court Nomination. The call will begin at 7:45pm EDT and you can by dialing the toll-free number 866-416-5216. We’ll talk about why this nomination fight is going to be intense and also vitally important. I look forward to speaking with you this evening!

To join, simply dial 866-416-5216 at 7:45pm ET. More information below.

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Jenny Beth

Last night, President Trump nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court of the United States and as expected, the radical left jumped into hyper-partisan-melt-down-mode. Some leftist organizations even had their press statements prewritten with blanks to drop in the name of whomever President Trump nominated… and then forgot to fill in all of the blanks before they sent their press statements out! Crying Laughing

In response to Donald Trump’s nomination of XX to the Supreme Court...

While the mistake is humorous, it is also disturbing to know that the left was prepared to fight this nomination no matter whom President Trump picked.

President Trump nominated someone from his famous list of judges, another campaign promise he kept. Now the left will stop at nothing to prevent Judge Kavanaugh from being nominated. Please join me tonight to learn why we can’t let that happen!

Please call 866-416-5216 at 7:45pm ET to join the call.