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Happy New Year from Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund


Happy New Year from Tea Party Patriots! After a big win with tax reform last year, we’re excited to see what we can accomplish this year. Here are a few issues that we hope to resolve in 2018:

1. Repeal and replace ObamaCare

First thing’s first, fully repeal ObamaCare which has shackled Americans to poor health care. The former Obama administration believed in quantity over quality when it came to health care. We hope that Republicans in Congress will finally fulfill the biggest campaign promise they’ve ever made!

2. End the Iran Nuclear Deal

We also hope that Congress will end the Nuclear Deal by imposing sanctions on Iran and any country that trades with the nation. From the beginning, this deal has been bad news! The deal endangers our national security and gives a dangerous government a leg up in the political arena. Imposing sanctions on Iran and nations that do business with Iran would not only punish Iran for its noncompliance, it will force other countries to choose between trading in the $19T US economy or the puny $400B Iranian economy. Add your signature to our petition and urge Congress to end the deal and to punish Iran from arbitrarily choosing not to comply with certain aspects of the deal.

3. Pass a plan to balance our budget and end our national debt

For all the fantastic achievements over the last year, our country remains over $20 TRILLION in debt – a burden that would be passed on to future generations if we fail to swiftly address the problem. Our organization has endorsed the Penny Plan – which would balance our budget in about five years and reduce federal spending by $7.5 TRILLION over the next decade if we cut a single penny out of every dollar of federal spending, including interest payments and capped spending at 18% of GDP from then on. Families make responsible decisions like this every day, there is no reason why Washington can’t do the same. Learn more about our crushing national debt and how the Penny Plan can help balance our budget and cut into the debt.

4. Become the #1 nation in innovation once again

Over the past decade, many of the Obama administration’s policies eroded our patent protections and the laws and safeguards in place to protect intellectual property. It’s time to reverse course and re-establish our position as the world’s leader in protecting intellectual property and creating world-class inventions.

5. Put an end to Senate gridlock

In recent years, the Senate’s antiquated debate rules have been used not to better inform debate, or more constructively to fashion legislation, but instead merely to obstruct a legislative agenda opposed by the Democratic minority. Sign the petition to urge the Senate to update its debate rules, which liberals have abused to obstruct the confirmation of President Trump’s executive and judicial nominees.

6. Protect our borders

The former administration was laxed on immigration laws, encouraging of sanctuary cities and flat-out allowing criminal illegals to walk free endangering the lives of Americans. Sign our petition to encourage President Trump to keep his promise to protect our borders and to implement a comprehensive biographic entry/exit visa tracking system.

With your help and dedicated activism, we know that together we can accomplish anything this year! Find our letter to President Trump here asking for his support with tackling these issues.

Good news! This week, the Dow closed at 25,000 for the first time in history. Thanks to the passage tax reform, we’re heading into a bull market which is a clear indication that Americans are optimistic again. After eight years of the Obama Administration leaving businesses and investors with the sinking feeling of uncertainty and hopelessness, they are now seeing a light at the end of the tunnel. Americans will be able to pocket more money and make investments that help benefit the economy — and it’s only going to get even better!

The next challenge that lawmakers will have to face is government spending. Money runs out on January 19 and lawmakers must pass a comprehensive bill before they run out of time. The Democrats are willing to work with the GOP if the final bill will include a DACA replacement, an illegal Obama-era program that adds protections for 800,000 undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children. Catering to Democratic leaders’ demands to reinstate illegal immigration laws would be a mistake and will move America’s economic progress back a few pegs. The GOP should stand its ground and continue its goals to making America great again!

What You Need to Know this Week

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director: California has “disturbingly” placed “politics over public safety”

Acting Immigration and Customs Enforcement Director: California has “disturbingly” placed “politics over public safety”
As of Monday, an immigration law took effect in California, making it a sanctuary state and persistent opponent of President Trump’s immigration agenda. California has deliberately obstructed our country’s immigration laws and is jeopardizing the safety of Americans by passing a controversial law….
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The passage of tax reform brings back the bull market

The passage of tax reform brings back the bull market
It’s been two weeks since the GOP tax reform package was signed into law and we’re already seeing a rise in the stock market. The Dow closed at 25,000 for the first time in history today and it’s only going to get better for businesses and investors….
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While most taxpayers’ are struggling, 1 in 5 federal employees’ make $100K+

While most taxpayers’ are struggling, 1 in 5 federal employees’ make $100K+
With the United States buried in debt and our children already in debt before they can even read, people are desperate to know where their hard-earned tax dollars are going and are demanding transparency. A recent survey by fund found that the average salary of a federal employee…
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Report: The United States Senate spent $1.5 million of your money since 1998 settling sexual misconduct complaints

Report: The United States Senate spent $1.5 million of your money since 1998 settling sexual misconduct complaints
The Senate Rules and Administration Committee released an itemized list of quietly settled harassment complaints and how much was used from its “shush fund” since 1998. The report revealed that $1.5 million of American tax dollars had been used in the chamber’s harassment settlements….
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