Justice ACB, Final Push to Re-Elect Trump, Big-Tech Censorship, and more

This week, Amy Coney Barrett made history.

Following her nomination by President Trump, the United States Senate voted 52 – 48 to confirm Judge Barrett to the Supreme Court of the United States. In doing so, Justice Barrett became the 5th woman appointed to the court since its inception in 1789.




Democrats and so-called “feminists” were not pleased.


Those that claim to be the “party of women” and “support all women,” did exactly the opposite. They openly expressed outrage at Justice Barrett’s confirmation, hurling everything from insults to threats of court packing. In fact, right now, you can sign our petition opposing the left’s efforts to pack the court.


Isn’t it revealing that those who claim to be the biggest supporters of female empowerment, couldn’t be more upset when an extremely qualified woman is elevated to the highest court in the land? Maybe that’s because the truth is they don’t stand for all women… they only support women who submit to their leftist orthodoxy.


Nevertheless, they couldn’t stop it, and Justice Barrett’s confirmation and swearing-in will likely mark a turn for American jurisprudence. She is extremely qualified and will make a phenomenal Supreme Court justice, interpreting the law as it is written.


Congratulations to now-JUSTICE Amy Coney Barrett!



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In mere days, Americans across our nation will go to the polls to decide who will be the next President of the United States.


For over a year now, we have been preparing for this day, encouraging all of you to make your voices heard and fulfill your most basic civic duty of voting.




Because, although it’s been said before, this truly is the most important election of our lifetime. The future of our country hangs in the balance.


This election isn’t just about taxes or healthcare, it’s about who we are as Americans. Are we a nation led by the mob that stands idly by as major American cities are burned down? Or are we a nation joined together by core beliefs, fighting for a better tomorrow for ALL Americans?


The Democrats’ platform is clear: if elected they will raise taxes, further destroy healthcare, and further divide our nation. They will also look to “fundamentally transform” our nation. They have promised to embrace socialism and bring its failed policies to our nation’s shores. Not only that but they have promised to pack the Supreme Court, effectively turning it into a left-leaning super legislature. They have no interest in making America great again, because they don’t think America is or ever has been great.


The Republican platform thinks differently. They want to help our nation recover from the coronavirus and build on the fantastic progress we had made prior to the coronavirus. They believe America is great, has been great, and can continue to be great.


The choice is yours, America, and the time to make your voice heard is rapidly approaching.



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Speaking of the election, if you’d like to help get out the vote in these final few days, you can still volunteer with Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to send text messages to voters in critical swing states!


Simply follow the instructions below to get started! Remember, every Trump vote is critical!


To get started go to: tpp.us/txt – fill out the very short form and press the “Start Texting” button! We recommend using your phone to sign up as you will be using your phone to do the text messaging.


You will get a text message after you’ve signed up. Click the link on your cell phone and you’ll be moved through the process. Once you send a text to the voter, go back to your browser (on your cell phone) to send the next text.


If you need additional instructions, you can look through this guide. But it is very easy to sign up and start texting voters now. You can text voters every day until 8:30pm ET.


And, of course, don’t forget to vote!



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As we get closer to election day, Big-Tech interference in our elections continues to escalate.


Just this past week, as the CEO of Twitter was testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee claiming his platform didn’t censor conservative voices, Twitter censored a Customs and Border Patrol official for simply pointing out that the border wall is working:



This overt censorship by Big-Tech must be stopped. It’s time our elected officials stepped in and protected our right to speak freely!

Leading up to election day, Reverend Franklin Graham made a pre-election proclamation thanking God for all that President Trump has accomplished!


The Patriot Project has the story:



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Check out these great ads about President Trump’s accomplishments and the Democrats’ threats to destroy our Constitution. And, after you watch them, share them on social media and email!







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