Justice Clarence Thomas’ Long Career Has Had a Profound Impact on Our Liberty

October 25 2021

Good morning from Washington, where for 30 years now, Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas has made the case for taking the Constitution at its word. Freedom has been the beneficiary, Heritage Foundation scholar Tom Jipping writes. President Biden is flinging open the border, a man who was in charge there tells our Fred Lucas. On the podcast, former White House press secretary Sean Spicer describes the Biden-Harris administration’s radical direction. Plus: a looming threat to working families; China’s disquieting missile test; and the Europeanizing of America. Fifty years ago today, the United Nations votes to seat Communist China as a permanent member and to expel Taiwan.

Justice Clarence Thomas’ Long Career Has Had a Profound Impact on Our Liberty
By Thomas Jipping
Justice Thomas has written more than 700 opinions since joining the Supreme Court.
Don't Let Democrats Turn US Into Europe
By David Harsanyi
The factors that propel our economic superiority—lightly regulated, individualistic, and seemingly disordered free markets—chafe against the technocratic sensibilities of Democrats.
Sean Spicer's Roadmap for Stopping Biden's Radical Plan to Change Our Nation
By Rob Bluey
“When Joe Biden said, ‘I’m going to be the most progressive president ever,’ I don’t think people took him seriously,” says Spicer.
‘Complete Open Border Is Just Not Sustainable,’ Border Chief Ousted by Biden Says
By Fred Lucas
“What’s going on today is crazy. To basically have a completely open border is just not sustainable,” says former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott.
Trillion-Dollar Spending Packages Will Hurt Working Families They’re Supposed to Help
By Rachel Greszler
President Biden promised he wouldn’t raise taxes on anyone making less than $400,000, but Congress’ scorekeepers say his plan would raise taxes on millions of middle-class families.
China’s Test of Orbital Hypersonic Missile Is a Big Deal
By Patty-Jane Geller
According to U.S. senior officials, China’s missile forces soon could exceed Russia’s, and its nuclear superiority over the U.S. is now a realistic possibility.
ICYMI: The Ideology Behind Biden’s Disastrous First 9 Months
By Victor Davis Hanson
Leftists think that once we are properly programmed and educated, we too will welcome and thank them for our deliverance.