Kamala’s backdoor

Everybody is wondering about Kamala’s backdoor.

How big is it? When will she use it? And does it even exist?

Of course, I’m referring to the theory that…

Kamala will soon become President — using the “backdoor” of Joe Biden’s death.

She didn’t earn her role as VP…

Instead, according to bestselling survival author Damian Campbell…

She was hand-picked by a dark group of global elites? who are quietly working to put her in office.

… the same group that’s been planning for years to take down America and all the conservatives who support it.

Now their plan is finally coming to pass.

And it could put your family in grave danger as soon as the next 2 months.

That’s why Campbell is desperately trying to warn Americans in his recent book, “Rulers of Darkness.”

Inside, he exposes the disgusting plans they have in store for you — and what you must do now to fight back and WIN.

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ianj-b@firetrench.com – This book has made some very powerful enemies. I already have a target on my back for it, and I don’t want the same thing happening to you. So please be sure this sensitive information doesn’t leave your trusted circle of friends and family.