keep DACA out of the budget.

Congress is facing a March 23rd deadline to pass an omnibus spending bill, and many liberals are using it as an excuse to force another fight over amnesty for so-called “Dreamers” (illegal immigrants who were brought into our country as children).

We believe that since Republicans control the budget process, the budget should be in-line with YOUR values, not those of Nancy Pelosi and her radical liberal allies.

So please make one urgent Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund donation to help us remind them that we expect them to pass a conservative budget with no amnesty… or they won’t get re-elected.


Kevin Mooneyhan
National Support Team
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund

From: Jenny Beth Martin <>
Date: 2/27/2018 10:27 AM EST
To: Kevin Mooneyhan <>
Subject: keep DACA out of the budget.

It’s not dead yet, Kevin–

Even though you and your fellow Tea Party activists helped defeat another amnesty scheme last month, I am still hearing rumblings on Capitol Hill that the upcoming budget fight will feature another battle over the status of people who reside in this country illegally.

  • Are Republican “leaders” so spineless that they will include a years-long extension of DACA (amnesty for illegal immigrants brought here as children) in the spending bill later this month?

As always, a lot depends on whether or not they hear from you and other flag-waving patriots in large numbers saying… that they either keep their promises or get sent home!

So please help by making one special gift to scare RINOs and stiffen the spines of GOP politicians:

Because despite having total control over the federal government, Republicans have been too quick to cut deals reflecting Nancy Pelosi’s priorities than the concerns of conservative voters like you.

Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and their underlings need to be reminded that Nancy Pelosi did not put them in office.

We did! And we can take them out.

Please give and please be as generous as you can with your Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund gift today. Your donation will help us stop amnesty (again) AND support Republican candidates who won’t be afraid to stand up against Nancy Pelosi. #NeverNancy

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund