Keep the Momentum, Trump Tweets, and looking for a second opinion

Our movement to re-open our great nation and re-start our great American economy is working, but there is still much work to do.

Remember when states, such as Georgia, Florida, etc, began to re-open, Democrats and the Mainstream Media forecast doom and gloom over them. They predicted massive spikes in infection statewide and the reinstatement of lockdowns. Well, they were wrong.


ABC News released a report looking at the 21 states that eased restrictions May 4th or earlier and found no major increase in hospitalizations, deaths, or percentage of people testing positive in any of the states.


Now, that is not to say the coronavirus hasn’t taken a toll on our country, it has. While we aren’t sure of the exact number because of inconsistencies in how deaths are counted, we know thousands of Americans have died as a result of a virus that was hidden by the Chinese Communist Party, and allowed to spread around the world. Our hearts go out to the families who have lost loved ones due to the callous lies of the Chinese government.


On top of the deaths caused directly by the Wuhan virus, the response by state and local governments, and the continued lockdowns have caused over 40 million Americans to file for unemployment. This pandemic and the tyranny that emerged with it have wreaked havoc on our country and we commend both the health care workers that have taken care of the sick, and the elected officials who are utilizing the actual science and data to reopen, and who understand that our rights do not disappear because of a virus.

As we have called to re-open America, many have said that we shouldn’t.


Many in the Democratic Party and the Mainstream Media have said if we re-open our country, we will undoubtedly see spikes in infections and subsequent deaths. Many have said we are not ready to re-open our country.


We don’t take medical advice from partisan actors and the media, we take medical advice from doctors. And that is why next week we will be releasing a series where we ask doctors fighting on the front-lines of the Coronavirus pandemic for a second opinion.


You will not want to miss this.



Have Your Doctor Sign Our Letter to the President

We need to get as many doctors to sign onto a letter to President Trump about how our country needs a second opinion and how the so-called “experts” are not always right. If you are able, ask your doctor (or any other doctors you know) to sign on! Share this…

After continued provocation, President Trump finally said enough is enough.


Earlier this week, President Trump signed an Executive Order aimed at holding big-tech accountable for their continued bias and censorship. The Executive Order specifically takes aim at Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which serves as a legal liability shield for internet companies. Section 230 effectively says that platforms cannot be held accountable for what users publish on their platform.


The motivation behind the executive order was Twitter “fact-checking” tweets sent out by the President himself. Many have argued that in doing so, Twitter is exercising editorial authority over content, and therefore acting as a publisher, not a public forum.


If Section 230 is amended, as the Trump Administration wishes, this would allow for Twitter to be held legally liable as a publisher of content.


The Executive Order is, reportedly, expected to face lengthy legal challenges because it would completely alter the social media landscape as we know it.