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Here are a few updates for you this week and please continue to keep up the pressure!


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Last week the House passed HR 2667 and HR 2668 which delay the employer mandate and the individual mandate in Obamacare for one year. The Obama Administration announced a few weeks ago that they would be delaying the employer mandate for a year – which violates the law. Then last Wednesday the Administration said that if HR 2667 and HR 2668 make it to the President’s desk he would veto both pieces of legislation. This is perplexing since HR 2667 simply codified what the President decreed by imperial order.

What to look for on Obamacare: Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Tom Graves both have legislation in their respective chambers to defund Obamacare before voting for a Continuing Resolution. Senator Mike Lee is asking Republicans who have failed to sign onto the legislation why they would fund something that they wouldn’t implement. This is a very important question and we urge all of you to contact your Representatives and Senators (especially the Republicans) and tell them not to fund this “train wreck” legislation.

Amnesty: We are now just under two weeks until the Congress goes home for their August recess and it looks like we might not see a vote on Amnesty prior to the recess. This means that the calls you have been making have had an impact and we need you to continue to keep the pressure on as these last two weeks wind down. Check out our 1,000 points of contact campaign below to call the key players in the House to urge them to uphold the rule of law and opposed any immigration reform legislation that is weak on border security and strong on amnesty.

August Recess: Next week we’ll be releasing a tool kit to help you during the August recess. We are currently working to compile a list of all of the August town halls that we can find and will let you know we come up with. In the meantime, we would suggest that you call your Senators and Representative and encourage them to hold town hall meetings in August.



Take Action This Week

Your efforts have been making an impact! The Senate amnesty bill has yet to make its way to the House. However, we are hearing that there might be a plan in the works for the House to come up with their own version of the Senate bill to force the two bodies into a conference over the bill. We cannot let this happen because then the fate of amnesty will be left to Senators hand-picked by Harry Reid and Representatives hand-picked by John Boehner. This week we need an additional 1,000 people to make direct contact with Speaker John Boehner, Kevin McCarthy, Pete Sessions, and Paul Ryan. Ryan appears to be taking the same misguided course that Marco Rubio took and we need to do everything we can to let these “leaders” in the House know that this is not what the majority of Americans want. Will you pledge to be one of the 1,000 points of contact? Click to get started today!


As the House continues to debate immigration reform you can also make your voice heard by signing our coalition letter to all members of the House. We have a letter that National Organizations are signing onto as well as a letter that local organizations and individuals can sign onto. If you would like to be added to the letter that we send to your representative, click to sign today! We have extended the deadline to this Friday, so make sure you sign it today!


Each week we have been providing tool kits to help you stay active in fighting the amnesty bill. We provide talking points, sample letters to the editor, sample social media posts, instructions on how to have a local street protest, and suggestions for what signs to make. We are doing this in an effort to make it as easy as possible for you to stay engaged while you work though the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Please check out our tool kit here to get started today!

In Liberty,
Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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