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Gordon “Bottler” Brown, Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect as seen by the Times cartoonist

The BSD Prize for “Brass Neck of the Week” goes to Bottler Brown. Bottler has announced his ‘great idea’ of the week, a wizzo weeze to introduce more National Socialist legislation in the form of a Bill of Rights.

All sounds good? or is it?

Bottler has been a key part of the Blair Brown Regime since it seized power in 1997. He has therefore been a supporter and enabler for more than 3,000 new ‘criminal’ offenses which have formed part of the consistent drive to remove Civil Liberty in Britain. His new ‘Bill of Rights’ is designed to change centuries of British tradition where the citizen has been the holder of rights and has decided temporarily to lend some of those rights to Government, always able to recind the loan if the Government attempts to establish dictatorship. Under the Bottler Brown Bill of Rights, all rights will be the property of the Regime, but may be loaned to the citizens if they continue to vote for the Regime

An interesting series of on-line films at highlights some of the civil liberty abuses perpetrated by the Blair Brown Regime since 1997.

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