Labour Leadership Benefit Bashing Battle

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Burnham and the other failed politicians trying to look UKIP to win Labour Leadership
Labour Leadership Benefit Bashing Battle
by WikiGuido

Mere weeks after running an election campaign on “hated” benefit cuts, Labour are falling over themselves trying to out-tough eachother on welfare. Andy Burnham continues his rebranding as a centrist by saying people on benefits should not have “an easy ride”:

“some people say that Labour want to be soft on people who want something for nothing. We’ve got to be honest about that.”

Echoing tough-talking Liz Kendall:

“voters in my constituency do not feel people who are not working should get more than those in work”

Meanwhile deputy leadership contender Caroline Flint says welfare recipients need a “kick up the backside”.

Liz Kendall wants to hike defence spending while pursuing austerity. So what’s she going to cut to build her battleships?

— Owen Jones (@OwenJones84) May 29, 2015

Labour’s Andy Burnham suggests he might back further welfare cuts. Depressing

— Diane Abbott (@HackneyAbbott) May 29, 2015

Ugh. Thanks Caroline Flint (!) RT @SunPolitics ‘We must attack benefit scroungers’ says top Labour MP #SunNation

— Mehdi Hasan (@mehdirhasan) May 29, 2015

They’re upsetting all the right people…

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