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Leave.EU was set up to help secure a vote to leave the EU, and on June 23rd we achieved that historic goal.


Though the referendum is won, it is far from certain that our angry and embittered political class can be trusted to respect the people’s democratic choice and deliver the best possible deal for the country.

For this reason, Leave.EU shall continue its campaign until Brexit has been achieved in full. In Norway, the Establishment continues to undermine the people’s will, creeping in with the political cosy club in Brussels as far as they are able, and there is a real danger that the same thing will now happen in the UK.

The Conservative Party, which we must hold firmly to account if they are to follow through on the referendum result, is now embroiled in a vicious leadership contest, and the person who emerges victorious from the struggle will play a huge role in shaping our future relations with the EU.

We have carried out an in-depth poll using a sample from our one million supporters, which showed that 43% tended to vote Conservative and up to 30,000 are paid-up party members.

While the fallout from Michael Gove’s ruthless assassination of Boris Johnson was not factored into the poll, the information we are now receiving suggests that his actions have gone down very badly. Gove had been absolutely clear that he had no intention of ever standing for the party leadership in the past, yet he stabbed his friend and colleague in the back with little hesitation when an opportunity for personal advancement arose.

It is absolutely vital that the next Prime Minister must be committed to Brexit. They will have to see off a strong challenge from Theresa May, a Remain supporting minister being carried along on an undeserved reputation for “toughness”. This is despite the fact that she has overseen a long record of failure on immigration and acted as a willing tool for George Osborne in slashing our Border Force, Coast Guard and police numbers at a time when weak frontiers have left our national security more vulnerable than ever.
Michael Gove, tainted by his recent actions, cannot carry out this task, given the ill-feeling and sense of betrayal he has engendered among Leave supporters within his party.

Which brings us to Andrea Leadsom. We believe Andrea can build a strong platform with other untarnished Leavers like Dr Liam Fox, leading the party in the right direction, thawing relations with UKIP and allowing the wider Brexit movement to see through the positive change from the past which they voted for together on June 23rd.

We will therefore be throwing our full weight behind Andrea, particularly online. Our website is visited by up to 15,000 people a day looking for information on Brexit, while our social media presence can reach upwards of twenty million people in a week, completely bypassing the mainstream print and broadcast media.

Our social media campaign converted countless Leave votes during the referendum, and we confidently expect to achieve a similarly powerful impact in this leadership contest.

If you are in a Conservative constituency, we would urge you to write to your MP urging him or her to support Andrea as the best, most promising choice for the future of Britain, with a clear mandate to carry through Brexit as a prominent voice for the Leave campaign in the referendum.

Yours sincerely,

Arron Banks

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