Leave.EU – Happy Easter from the Leave.EU Team

We’d like to wish all of our supporters a happy and restful Easter, a fitting time to reflect on our shared heritage and the opportunity presented to the nation for new beginnings and rebirth by the June referendum.


 Thanks to everybody’s hard work we face a bright future ahead as a country. This time last year we were still two months away from the decisive vote with the deck stacked against us, few believed we could win. We have achieved so much together and showed the elites that they can’t underestimate the power of the popular will. Let’s hope we can do more of the same going forward while ensuring we do get out of the EU.
While all was quiet on the Brexit front this week, fateful, not to mention shocking events were rocking the continent. Stockholm is still recovering from a sick terror attack carried out by a failed asylum seeker. Not long afterwards, news broke that the Dutch had lost 8,000 supposedly stateless migrants. Yet another French mosque has been closed for promoting violent Jihad after a thousand migrants went missing following brutal riots in a camp near Dunkirk.

And Islamism took a shot at the heart of European sport, causing the cancellation of a Champions League game on Tuesday when an ISIS inspired Jihadist planted explosives in German football club Borussia Dortmund’s team bus.

As the European political elite fails to address these security threats, voters across the continent are crying out for more forthright leadership and freedom from the EU’s clutches. Marine Le Pen continues to expand her support base in France as she hits new highs in polls at the expense of establishment opponents Emmanuel Macron and François Fillon. Meanwhile, left-wing Eurosceptic Jean-Luc Mélenchon is creating headaches for Europhile elites on the other end of the political spectrum. It’s very plausible that we could end up with a head to head between two opponents of Brussels, which can only be good for Brexit Britain.

What a contrast from the delusional thinking of the desperate Eurocrats trying to figure out what to do with Britain’s 73 seats in the European Parliament. They want to replace British MEPs with pan-European representatives, each one representing 500 million people speaking 24 different official languages. Impossible! The only interests they will be representing will be their own.

In economic news: Britain’s booming exports were yet again a source of good news as the trade deficit was shown to have shrunk since the out vote for Brexit, lifting small business confidence and forcing economists to hike growth forecasts as manufacturing exports hit a two-year high; discredited economic “experts” attacked the Treasury for bringing their profession into disrepute over gloomy Brexit forecasts; Ford reiterated its faith in Brexit Britain while JD Sports saw profits boom by more than 80%; analysis showed how successful global trade can potentially be as an India trade deal was valued at £2bn; banks boosted UK hiring despite threats to do otherwise; Britain’s tech sector was shown to have enjoyed a huge post-Brexit boom; and the value of sterling was shown to boost the services sector as Travelodge set out its ambitious plans for Brexit Britain.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team