Leave.EU supports Brexiteer Ian Paisley

December 12 will be a pivotal day in the history of our fight for national independence, and a make-or-break day for our United Kingdom.



We’ll either end up with a Parliament committed to British sovereignty, or a pro-EU government led by a man who wants a united Ireland, who would surrender the Falklands, and who is ready to give the SNP a re-run of the 2014 Scottish referendum (where Scots defied the separatists and backed Britain).

To get the Brexit we voted for we need to both defeat those who want to subvert the result of our referendum, and support those who have used their position in Parliament to back Brexit and get us out.

Ian Paisley Jr is a staunch supporter of British independence from the European Union and a dedicated defender of our Union. Like his father, the legendary Reverend Ian Paisley, he has dedicated his political career to strengthening the British nation and resisting those who want to carve us up and sell out Northern Ireland.

We encourage all of our supporters who care about the health of our Union to support Ian as we head into this decisive election by visiting his crowdfunder.

Ian Paisley is fighting for Brexit and fighting for our Union. Please consider supporting his fundraiser to ensure he is re-elected to continue fighting for Britain in the House of Commons