Legal bills are piling up


Our historic lawsuit against the Treasury Department and the IRS is proceeding.

However, despite our best fundraising efforts, we are still $15,852 behind our goal for this lawsuit.

The legal bills are starting to pile up, so will you please make a special generous contribution of $10, $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford right away?

Winning this lawsuit is terribly important.  And the legal costs of fighting the federal government are enormous.

As you know, Republicans in Congress aren’t doing much to get to the bottom of this IRS targeting mess.

And Barack Obama’s cronies in the government are fighting us tooth and nail.

That means this lawsuit is the only viable vehicle for uncovering exactly who ordered the IRS’s illegal harassment of American citizens.  It’s our only hope for holding everyone involved to account!

Please, please donate whatever you can right now.

We are trying to train local Tea Party activists, fight Obama’s big-government agenda, keep the weak-kneed Republicans in line AND defeat the IRS in court.  All at the same time!

It’s an incredible challenge to keep all these activities funded.  But paying for this lawsuit is especially difficult.

That’s why we need your help so desperately.  Just click here to make a donation.

Tea Party Patriots is a 100% grassroots citizen group.  We can’t accomplish anything without the support of good friends like you.

We can’t borrow the money we need.  We don’t have mega-donors who can write us giant checks whenever we need cash.

Everything we do depends on generous patriots like you.

Please give what you can.  We must raise this $15,852.

This IRS targeting scandal is one of the worst political scandals in American history.

However, the liberal media won’t cover it.  The politicians either don’t care or are part of the cover-up.

It’s up to us – Tea Party Patriots – to get justice not only for ourselves, but for every other group or individual who has been harassed by these IRS goons.

This lawsuit is that important.

And our ability to win it is in serious danger!

Please make the very best gift you possibly can.

We’re counting on you.

Thank you in advance for all your help.

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Tea Party Patriots National Support Team