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Nigel Farage, MEP, Leader UK Independence Party


David Campbell Bannerman, Deputy Leader UK Independence Party

Will the current scandal in Westminster help the UK Independence Party?

The UK Independence Party are presenting four messages, directly and by implication, in their election flyers.

1. They want voters from all Parties to lend them a vote on 4th June 2009 because the European Parliament is different from UK Parliamentary elections, with only the UK Independence Party putting British interests first.

2. UK Independence Party candidates are real people and not career politicians.

3. The UK Independence Party is not tainted by the Westminster scandals but is shocked by them.

4. UK Independence Party candidates are not out-of-touch arrogant politicians but people doing real jobs within the communities they seek to represent in the European Parliament.

What they do not say is that they will campaign against the corrupt practices of the European Parliament and European Commission, which were copied by the Blair Brown Regime in Westminster and are responsible for current public anger, but they might say that their objective is to give the British people the option to collectively express their anger at the corruption and waste in the European Union, seeing secession as the only way to achieve this.

Certainly, the UK Independence Party has been able to secure more ‘air-time’ since the last European Elections where they secured seats. Nigel Farage is becoming well-known in Britain and through Europe as a result of regularly giving interviews on radio and television, being reported in the press and participating in television panel shows. If he manages to lead his Party to an increased number of MEP seats, that coverage will increase further and provide the means to influence voters further. It remains to be seen how the Eurocrats and ruling elite would react, even if the UK Independence Party won every MEP seat in Britain.

At least the British electors are presented with a choice in June. The UK Independence Party is composed of independent people, does not offer extreme policies, is not part of the cosy Westminster environment of greed and excess, and a vote for their candidates in the European Election will not damage the prospects of ejecting the Blair Brown Regime in Westminster and in the Local Government elections.

Ironically, a strong UK Independence Party MEP group would strengthen the hand of any Government in Westminster in negotiations with Brussels because the alternative to giving ground to a reasonable British Government position would potentially then allow the UK Independence Party to expand its power base into Britain and give it the power to make or break treaties.

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