Let’s do this: Tele Town Hall Tomorrow and Stop Socialism Choose Freedom Rallies Monday

Our Stop Socialism Choose Freedom Rallies are just days away on Monday, April 15th. The response has been amazing! We have had hundreds of people sign up to host rallies and sign waving events across the country. There’s a lot of great information in this email including information about a tele town hall on Friday, a list of confirmed events in your state that you can attend, and other tips, suggestions, and links – so read it all!!


We are going to go over the rallies on a tele town hall on Friday, April 12th at 2:10pm eastern time. If you already filled out an RSVP form, we will call the number you left on our sign-up form or you can dial 866-416-5216 to join in and ask questions.


If there are confirmed events in your state, where the organizer has confirmed all details of their event with us, it will be listed below. For each confirmed event, there is a button under the event that you can click through to RSVP. Right now, there are other volunteers who signed up to host events, but who have not yet confirmed the event details and location. We did NOT list the unconfirmed events because we do not want to accidentally send someone to a place where the event is unconfirmed. However, we are confirming other events all day long. So, please check back on the map on teaparty10.com to find details for other events throughout the weekend, as we will be updating the map all weekend.


NOTE: If you live near the city with the confirmed event, please attend that event. If you do not live near the confirmed event, you can either drive to the event OR you can step up to host a simple sign waving event in your area.

This area would normally show confirmed events near you. Unfortunately, either there no confirmed events in your state, or we do not have your address in our system, and therefore, cannot tell you if any exist.


If we do not have your address, please Please add Your Address to Your Profile to have this key information provided. If your address is in or system, then no confirmed events are listed in your state. You can periodically check the map on teaparty10.com to find details for other events throughout the weekend.


A simple sign waving event can take less than an hour to plan and has 5 easy steps:

  • Pick a location and date/time
  • Register your sign waving event at tpp.us/createevent
  • Invite likeminded friends by emailing your network and posting about the event on social media
  • Make signs
  • Show up and wave the signs! Make sure to take some pictures (including selfies) and send them to us at photos@teapartypatriots.org or text them to (404) 996-1717

We will help you along the way and throughout the weekend if you decide to step up to host a simple sign waving event. So, please let us know if you want to sign up! I promise it’s not too late! Sign up to organize a sign waving event today!


If for some reason other people wind up NOT being at the event that you attend, and you are with a buddy, stand and wave your signs anyway! Take some selfies on your phone and text them to (404) 996-1717 or email them to us at photos@teapartypatriots.org. Who knows who you could influence as they drive by you and read your signs?!


Here is a link for sign suggestions: tpp.us/415signwaving. Be sure to bring your signs. You can also print signs using files that are located here.

Thank you again!


Jenny Beth