Let’s not leave anything on the table


This is it! Today is ELECTION DAY! Control of the House is likely going to come down to the wire and I can assure you that leftist organizations will still be getting out the vote all day today, and so must we. There are three action items you can take today to help ensure that we are reminding as many conservatives and Trump supporters as we can to get out and vote!



As Mark Levin said last night, “Be a Thomas Paine. Stand up to the leftist media and vote Tuesday!”

Levin: Be a Thomas Paine. Stand up to the leftist media and vote Tuesday!

I know you know what’s at stake, and I know you care as much as I do about the outcome of this election, so below you will find the three action items you can take today to help us WIN!

    1. VOTE! If you haven’t already voted, please vote! The left is motivated more than they’ve ever been and we have to exceed their motivation. Your vote counts and we need every, single, solitary vote for every Republican running in order to send a message to the Democrats, the media, and the politically violent left: you don’t scare us and you don’t speak for America.


    1. Help likeminded people vote! Does your like-minded neighbor need a ride to the polls? Does your like-minded co-worker need someone to drop their absentee/mail-in ballot off at a drop-off station? First, ask the people you personally know that would vote our values if they have voted – call or text or email them. Second, if they haven’t voted, ask them why, and if there’s anything you can do to help them vote. Third, do whatever you can to help them vote! We know that Democrats pay people to drive groups to the polls – this is a fact. Let’s do what we can to also get our fellow patriots to the polls.

  1. Keep texting and calling voters using our text and call systems! People have asked us if they should stop texting and calling today since today is election day. The answer is NO! DON’T STOP! Again, the left squeezes every minute out of today to get more people to the polls and we must do the same. If you are able to send texts today, whether it’s for 5 minutes on your lunch break, or you have the day off or are retired and can text all day, please use our systems to get more like-minded people out to vote!



Thank you for all you have done over the last 2 years – or even the last 10 years! No matter what happens tonight, we will never stop fighting for freedom, for liberty, and for our Constitution.

God Bless America!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin

Some Important Information Regarding Emails

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