Lies, Damned Lies, Statistics, and New Labour


The Gay Gordons – Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon “Bottler” Brown

Bottler Brown is having a torrid time, with one disaster and scandal after another.

Is it a case of “when you are in a hole stop digging”, or just terminal sleaze and incompetence?

In the latest scandal, New Improved Formula One Labour has once again been caught doing something that looks distinctly illegal and corrupt.

Under current British law, it is illegal to make contributions to a political party through proxy donors. That hasn’ stopped the Blair Brown regime receiving at least GB£600,000 and that may be just the tip of the iceberg.

First response from Bottler was to say that only one rogue official knew about it and he had resigned, so, “that’s all right then, let’s just move on.”

Then it immerged that more and more officials and the Party hierarchy knew something, or everything, about it.

So play the first misdirection – “can’t discuss it because a special inquiry has been set up under a judge, a bishop, and an actress”Come on Bottler, jokes about the judge, the bishop, and the actress are as old as the hills!!!!

So play the second misdirection – “cant call in the police because its a matter for the Electoral Commission”Come on Bottler, the British police can investigate any complaint of criminality and have a duty so to do. If you wont call them the Lib Dems will!!!

So play the third misdirection – “we introduced the law and we will tighten it to prevent any abuse (by other Parties)”Come on Bottler, you only passed the laws to divert attention last time you were caught cheating. That law applied to you even if you may think you are above it. No new law is required – just compliance with the current law!!!!although a change in sentencing options to again permit heads to be fixed on pikes outside Parliament would be good.

So play the forth misdirection – “its all right because we have paid the money back” – Heard that one before Bottler. Are you really suggesting that a bank robber is immune to prosecution if he pays the money back to the bank from his next bank robbery? The person who paid the money illegally broke the law. The people who received the money broke the law. One criminal paying another criminal back does not remove the crime!!!!


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