Lindsey’s got to go


Quizling Lindsey Graham

Lindsey Graham just did it again. He sold out conservatives by cutting a back room deal with Harry Reid to allow some of President Obama’s extremist appointments to go through.


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Please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford today to the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund. We are going to go all out to find a good candidate and beat Barack Obama’s favorite GOP senator.

You see, it’s time for the Tea Party to take a stand and kick “Republicans” like Lindsey Graham out of office.

These weak-kneed “moderate” politicians care nothing about our values. They don’t mind that their back room deals and big-government policies are destroying America.

Lindsey Graham and other politicians of his ilk are only in this for themselves.

That’s why they all have to go.

And Lindsey Graham is at the very top of our list.

Please make the very best donation you can. Graham has a HUGE campaign war chest and he’ll rely on liberal Democrats who can vote in the Republican primary to help save him.

Beating this Tea Party-hating “moderate” will be very, very tough and very, very expensive.

The Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund is already working to interview potential candidates to oppose Lindsey and working with local supporters in South Carolina to analyze, evaluate, and develop possible strategies to beat him.

However, until we know we can raise enough money to help fund this primary challenge, we can’t proceed much further.

That’s why I’m turning to you.

I imagine you are as sick and tired of Lindsey Graham’s betrayals and left-wing voting record as I am.

Why is a GOP Senator from South Carolina, one of the most conservative states in the union, voting like his last name is Kennedy?

Because Lindsey Graham thinks he can get away with it, that’s why.

He thinks he can spit in the faces of conservative voters like you and me on issues like Amnesty, tax hikes, and Obama’s leftist appointments and still get elected.

We need to prove him wrong.

Please help us get rid of Lindsey Graham. Please help us end this liberal’s career.

Remember what Lindsey Graham said when the IRS was just beginning to harass our movement back in 2010?

He declared:

“The problem with the Tea Party, I think it’s just unsustainable because they can never come up with a coherent vision for governing the country. It will die out.”

We formed the Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund to help Tea Party candidates challenge entrenched big-government Republicans like Lindsey Graham for the nomination.

And now we have to make good on this promise.

Please make the very best donation you can today.

We are busily interviewing and researching candidates to take on Lindsey Graham right now. But we need your financial help to move forward.

Please do what you can. Don’t let Lindsey Graham win.


Jenny Beth Martin

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