Local leader John Berry’s message about November

Last time I emailed you, I told you about a local group in California that has taken on the task of filling out and sending 25,000 of our Get Out The Vote postcards to first time in forever Trump voters in critical states.




The local leader of that tea party group, John Berry, wanted to share this message with you.

“My home group, the Redlands Tea Party Patriots, is busy handwriting re-elect President Trump messages to 25,000 pivotal voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. We must have $8,750 for the stamps needed to post these heartfelt words by early October.


“Straight up: I’m losing my job because COVID, and yet, I will eventually write $100 in checks because this mission could prove critical in November. Please contribute any amount you can.

Each activist from the Redlands Tea Party Patriots who is participating is going to fill out and hand sign a couple hundred postcards. I would love to be able to provide the postage to mail the postcards since they are putting in the work to fill them out.


If you are able, in these crazy and tough times, to help John and his members with a gift of $100, $50, $25, or whatever you are able to give, you can know that your gift is going straight into mailing these postcards to voters who must get out and vote for President Trump again.


The facts are clear and simple. Democrats just cannot be allowed to win in November. We’ve gotten a preview of Democrat tyranny and socialism for the last few months. I don’t want to see what happens when it’s no longer just a preview. Can you help?

With gratitude,


Jenny Beth Martin