London stabbings, BLM nonsense, EU in trouble (again) and Big tech bullying

The decision taken by this country to leave the failing European Union is looking wiser than ever, as the corrupt EU lunges from crisis to crisis and Britain’s brilliant vaccine roll-out – more than 16 million have now received their first dose! – proves the importance of being free to act in our own interest.

British consumers across the political spectrum are getting into the spirit of independence with one-third of Brits already ditching naff EU produce and buying British.

And a new government report commissioned by the Treasury and Business Department has highlighted how Britain can unlock even more of a “Brexit dividend” by ditching outdated Brussels rules and bringing UK regulation into the 21st century. Let’s cut the red tape and unleash the power of Britain!
While Britain discovers new opportunities from independence, the EU is facing worsening problems on multiple fronts as their bungling response to the coronavirus pandemic highlights the incompetence of the Commission and forces previously subdued nations into new surges of self-directed action.

French voters are moving quickly to Marine Le Pen as Europhile President Emmanuel Macron worries about his prospects in 2022’s make-or-break presidential election. A top ally of Macron has now admitted publicly that Marine Le Pen could win the vote next year and told supporters of Macron’s En Marche! party to take her threat seriously.

The Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier can see the writing on the wall too, and has warned France’s complacent political elites to learn the lessons of Brexit or face a Frexit of their own.

In Germany, the country’s interior minister lost it with meddling Eurocrats after they demanded exceptions to a German border policy that would render the entire practice pointless. “The EU Commission should support us and not put spokes in our wheels with cheap advice” said Horst Seehofer. A huge survey of German voters revealed that the frustration with the EU is growing at the grassroots level too, with two-thirds of Germans saying the bloc’s vaccine woes have negatively impacted their view of it.

Even the Italian plot to install Mario Draghi as technocratic leader of a new government has been forced into a populist compromise, with firebrand Italian nationalist Matteo Salvini entering government to keep the Europhile in check. He reiterated his Eurosceptic bona fides this week when he warned Draghi that Italian membership of the Eurozone is not irreversible.

And most shockingly of all, one of the continent’s most well-known and fanatical Europhiles, Guy Verhofstadt, twisted the knife into the Commission when he called the vaccine programme a “fiasco” in a brutal ten-minute takedown of its procurement scheme.

Despite good news with the vaccine scheme and new Brexit opportunities, Britain is facing its own issues and militant activists of the radical left are continuing their assaults on our history and heritage.

Just yesterday, BLM supporters in Glasgow disgracefully protested against a monument to British war hero John Moore, who died in battle helping thousands of British troops escape Napoleon’s war machine in northern Spain.

The cultural rot is really setting in on our capital too, under the reckless leadership of Sadiq Khan. Khan has come under fire this week after his panel of unaccountable “diversity commissioners” was unveiled and revelations emerged of a £100,000 bung to a BLM group that blockaded a London police station.

While Khan ruthlessly attacks our heritage, people in his city are being discovered impaled by crossbow bolts. Talk about priorities… How on earth does he sleep at night?

There have been several more stabbings in the capital since the beginning of the week, with a cab driver being killed in his car on Wednesday in north London, and on Thursday night, a 16-year-old boy was stabbed near Wembley Stadium. Meanwhile two thugs were sent down for a horrific machete attack in 2019.
The war on Big Tech heated up on multiple fronts as well. Tensions between Facebook and the Australian government reached breaking point when Facebook instituted a news blackout for Aussie users of the social media platform, protesting legislative plans to make Silicon Valley firms cough up for the news content plastered over their services.

Facebook’s move drew condemnation from many quarters, including the chairman of Britain’s own Digital, Culture, Media and Sport committee, Julian Knight MP. He called for Facebook to face “stern legislative action” and “be brought to heel”. With the war on Big Tech now reaching British shores in a big way, we hope to see growing pressure for a Polish-style solution to the issue – legislate to protect the free speech rights of Brits and stop biased tech giants from censoring lawful speech.


We’ve used the power of social media and the internet to spread our message for years, and it was an important tool in our arsenal to win the referendum. Years ago, tech platforms like Facebook and Twitter allowed ordinary people to share their views and hold the powerful to account. But after the triumph of Brexit and other populist movements worldwide, the elites have closed ranks and started a brutal campaign of political suppression and censorship.

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