Make Harry Reid cry


The mid-term elections are approaching fast. And to be prepared, we must raise $800,000 between now and Labor Day.

But why not have a little fun while we’re at it?!

Because Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid despises the Tea Party so much, we’ve decided to name this historic fall campaign fundraising drive effort after HIM!!

Please, make an urgent generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford to our national “Make Harry Reid Cry” countdown to Labor Day $800,000 fundraising drive.


Between now and Election Day, we must educate voters on what is at stake in Washington. We need to explain to them that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his left-wing Democrats are helping Barack Obama destroy this country.

We need to put voter guides in the hands of every single conservative voter.

We must run massive phone banks to remind conservatives to vote.

The Tea Party must swing into action on a truly massive scale in the weeks leading up to this year’s elections!

Please donate whatever you can right now. And ask every conservative you know to do the same.

Harry Reid thinks he has Washington, D.C. in the palm of his hand. He thinks he can do whatever he wants.

He’s banking on ruling over a Senate next year that will let him pass amnesty, roll back our freedom of speech, empower the IRS, and force Obamacare down our throats!

But there’s one thing standing in his way: the Tea Party movement.

If we succeed in raising this $800,000, Harry Reid won’t know what to do with himself. He might even be brought to tears as he watches his liberal house of cards crumble.

We’re not sure what that would look like, but we imagine it would look something like the picture of Harry on our donation page.

Just click here to take a look!

As we get closer and closer to our goal, our cartoon Harry’s going to get more and more stressed. The tears will flow as our fundraising grows!

But even more importantly, if we can hit this $800,000 goal by the end of this month, we’ll have the money on hand to fund our national voter education campaign.

But, if we fail, we simply won’t have the resources we need for this fall. And the liberals will know it.

This year’s elections are critically important. And it is our duty to do everything we can to rally the American people against Washington’s big-government mess.

So please, help us kick off this massive campaign by making a generous donation right now.

As you know, Labor Day is the unofficial “start” of the fall campaign season. It is when voters really begin to pay attention to the issues.

We must raise this $800,000 by then!

Just click here to make your generous contribution.

Remember, the entire political world is monitoring our fundraising progress through our website.

It’s time to show them just how strong the Tea Party is.

Help make Harry Reid cry. Make your very best donation today.

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Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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