Making a Profit from Misery


Scottish Prime Minister, non-elect, Gordon Brown

It is emerging that the Blair Brown regime is hoping to make a huge profit out of the misery of all those who were affected by the recent floods in Britain.


The victims suffered the hardships of extreme flooding, voluntary organizations like the RNLI performed magnificently, essential services personnel worked diligently, but the Bliar Brown regime is set to make the profit

Brown is suggesting that 54 million pounds will go to flood victims. Early analysis suggests that this is not all new money and the real sum going to help those who have suffered from floods, partly caused by ten years of Blair Brown regime mismanagement, will be significantly less than the headline figure.

Against this, analysts have calculated that the regime will receive a one billion pound windfall in taxes on materials and services needed to repair the damage. Many a business would like a return of one billion on an investment of less than 54 million!!!!

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