Manufacturers Prepare to Exploit Climate Fraud

low energy lightbulb

Manufacturers of low energy lights prepare to exploit climate fraud in Britain.


When the Blair Brown Regime introduced legislation to ban traditional light bulbs in Britain, they claimed that prices would fall dramatically for low energy lights and the performance would increase, helping Britain comply with demands from climate fraudsters ( then know as Global Warmers ).

Inevitably, the manufacturers’ claims on performance have proved to be as accurate as the dire warninges from climate fraudsters. The new lights have proved to offer significantly fewer hours of operational life than was claimed. Light ouput has proven to be considerably lower than was claimed. Warmup times are much longer than forecast with some lights taking several minutes to produce their full light output. Since the lights came into widespread use, a number of serious health issues are emerging. The new devices introduce new pollution problems and require increased energy during production.

Just to twist the knife, manufacturers are preparing to increase prices by more than 300% to take advantage of the monopoly granted when the full ban becomes law during 2011.

The Brokeback Coalition Government of Cameron and Clogg could reverse this legislation but don’t hold your breath.

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