Massive threat to North Devon & South Wales coasts



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UKIP stands opposed to monstrous and ineffective wind farms blighting our countryside nationwide. But the threat is not just on land.

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One of the world’s largest offshore windfarms – the ‘Atlantic Array’ – is proposed to be built between the North Devon and South Wales coasts. It would consist of between 188 and 278 turbines, up to 720 feet high.


It would be less than 9 miles from the North Devon coast, 8 miles from Lundy Island and 14 miles from Gower. It would cover 92 square miles of the Bristol Channel.


These coastlines are some of the most unspoilt natural landscapes and seascapes in the country. They are Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and include a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the UK’s first Marine Conservation Zone and huge swathes of National Trust protected land.


Both North Devon and Gower are fragile economies, heavily dependent on landscape-based tourism. The Bristol Channel is a unique marine environment containing rare and protected species. We need hundreds of objectors to write to the developer before Friday.


If you want to help, you must do so in the next few days. You can find out how to help the ‘Slay the Array’ campaign here. We require people to write and get across their objections by Friday. Please also pass on this email to those you think may also be interested.


Thank you for your support.



Steve Crowther

UKIP Chairman

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