Master Plan Bombs with Credit Agencies


The Master Plan from the Master Race bombs with the credit ratings agencies.


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The dithering by Reich Kanzler Merkel may have killed all hope for the Euro.

The announcement that France and Germany had ignored all the other EU members and made their own plans for world domination gave the markets a brief respite, only to be dashed as credit ratings agencies prepared to downgrade all EuroZone countries’ credit ratings including Germany.

It looks like the markets are seeing through the plan to the reality behind.

Now that Germany proposes to absorb all the other EuroZone members, the markets realize that this means a single country responsible for its single sovereign debt. Having done the math, the credit agencies realize that there is not enough in reserve to guarantee all Euro debts and have decided that interest rates will have to start rising when German goes to borrow more money. This could rapidly break the Euro and damage the economies of all EuroZone countries for years.

How the ignored voters in Germany and France will feel about having their economies trashed remains to be seen.



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