Matching Gift Offer to Support the Constitution

In this season of giving thanks, I am writing today to express my gratitude for you!

You and patriots like you are the true backbone of our movement. And without our movement, the importance of things like our Constitution, the rule of law, the power of free market economics, originalist judges, and pro-American policies would not be such vital issues to the American people.

Our movement has been one of the leading forces to educate Americans about these issues and why our country prospers so much every time we have an administration dedicated to implementing our values.

Today is one week from Giving Tuesday – a national holiday dedicated to the spirit of giving and empowering our charitable sector. But you don’t have to wait until next Tuesday to make a significant impact.

Thanks to a very generous contribution from the Taube Family Foundation, your gift made this week will be matched — which means you will have TWICE the impact. Please give a gift to Tea Party Patriots Foundation so we can continue the momentum of our movement.

Your gift to Tea Party Patriots Foundation is tax deductible, and your support is vital, especially as we prepare to move into the New Year.

Just look at the accomplishments of the last year!

  • ✔ Justice Neil Gorsuch, an originalist in the mold of Antonin Scalia sits on the Supreme Court and dozens more pro-Constitution conservatives recently joined the ranks of the federal judiciary;
  • ✔ Illegal border crossings have plummeted and the rule of law is being taken seriously;
  • ✔ The president is rolling back more of Obama’s job-killing regulations every month, and our federal government is filled with “Top Tier” pro-liberty conservatives in key posts who are slashing waste and unleashing American-style freedom and capitalism; and,
  • ✔ Once-in-a-generation tax reform is moving in Congress, and by Christmas we expect to see a bill signed into law by President Trump that slashes tax rates, unleashes job growth and shrinks the power of the IRS!

I am honored by the faith you put in Tea Party Patriots, and I am excited about this special offer from a generous donor to match your gift to our Foundation as we head into #GivingTuesday:

  • Every dollar you and other liberty-loving conservatives donate through Giving Tuesday will be immediately MATCHED, for double the impact, and help us educate more Americans about our Constitution and economic liberty.

Support our efforts to promote the Constitution!

  • Your Tea Party support fueled our influence during this critical year. And Tea Party Patriots Foundation is the key to expanding our base, by promoting our core values and making sure Americans understand the Constitution.

So please make your urgent “matched gift” right now and double your impact as we promote personal and economic freedom, the Constitution, and a debt-free future in order to grow Tea Party support!

As always, our whole team here is tremendously grateful to you, Ian!

In liberty,

Jenny Beth Martin
Tea Party Patriots Foundation

P.S. Our combined efforts as liberty-loving Tea Partiers will be the reason why President Trump drains the swamp and defeats the big-spending globalist Left. Please make your urgent gift today – remember, every dollar will go twice as far to support our efforts to show why our pro-America policies are best and expose left-wing liars in the media.