McDonald’s confirms that its burgers are 100 per cent British and Irish beef


With all the recent news around horsemeat being found in a wide range of beef products, we wanted to let you know about the situation at McDonald’s. At no time has there been any suggestion of horsemeat in our burgers. We have long been recognised for having a first class beef supply chain and all of our beef is traceable, from the British and Irish farmers we buy from to our restaurants.

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Like all companies we have sent all of the beef products on our menu for DNA testing. All of the results are now back with us and I am pleased to say that they confirm what we already knew, there is no horsemeat in any of our burgers.

Nothing is more important to me and my team than to give you absolute confidence in the food we serve. We would never take any risks or shortcuts with your food. That is why our burgers are 100% British and Irish beef, made from whole cuts of meat and all we add is a pinch of salt and pepper. We’ve spent over 30 years building a first-class supply chain here in Britain, based on long-term relationships with our trusted suppliers. Thanks to this, you can continue to trust in the quality of food at McDonald’s.

Jill McDonald
CEO McDonald’s UK

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