Memorial Day – what it means this year

This Memorial Day, I believe, is a particularly poignant one for our nation. So many Americans have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend our freedom and our Constitution, and we stop to remember that sacrifice on Memorial Day every year.

And yet, right now, in the United States of America, there are moms being jailed simply for cutting hair, pastors and churchgoers ticketed for holding services, and 39 million Americans out of work because their Governors arbitrarily decided who could work and who couldn’t; who could gather together and who couldn’t.


Furthermore, we are now finding out that most of these measures will have had no effect on infection or death rates, but may well cause an economic depression, and negative health outcomes for millions of Americans who didn’t receive the timely care for non-coronavirus illnesses that they needed.


Years ago, during the fight against Obamacare, I received an email from a soldier fighting overseas. He told me that he could keep fighting over there because we, the tea party, were fighting at home. He was so concerned by what was happening at home, but because of patriots like you, fighting the battles at home, he could focus on his job thousands of miles away.


I believe this year, one of the best ways we can honor the sacrifices of the armed service members who gave their lives for our freedom, is to rise up against the tyranny that has been embraced by too many elected officials across the country.


How do you repay someone who died for your freedom? Our debt to them can never really be paid, and my prayers are with all of the families that have lost loved ones who died for my freedom. But I want you to know this – their sacrifices were not in vain.


My goal this Memorial Day will be to honor our fallen troops with my actions, not just my words. And the best way I think we can honor them and their families is to fight for our freedoms at home, right now, because it must be done.

May God bless our troops and America,


Jenny Beth Martin