Minister for perverting the course of justice and wind turbines to place development contract


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Hume, British Minister for the perversion of justice and wind farms is due to announce the placement of a new development contract.


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Hume is perhaps best know for the allegations that he perverted the course of justice and for making his ex-wife liable to prosecution for collaborating in the perversion. This week it is understood that he is due to announce that a development contract will be placed to exploit a new energy generation capability for wind turbines.

Since the British land and sea scapes were blighted by vast wind farms to satisfy the edicts of unelected Eurocrats, the power output from these devices has been at best disappointing and the damage they cause to the environment has been a scandal. However, recent storms had highlighted a previously unidentified energy capability that, if it can be harnessed, would add to their power output. A number of wind turbines have burst into flames and exploded. The energy produced in these explosions has been lost. Other turbines have produced kinetic energy that has also been lost as their massive blades broke off and careered across the countryside, narrowly missing buildings.

The new development contract is expected to produce methods that will capture the energy of exploding and blade shedding wind turbines. Further research is expected to be conducted into heath and forest fires created by exploding wind turbines. This follows an early contract for research into ways of applying stealth technology to off-shore wind turbines to eliminate the radar interference that they cause and which endangers shipping.


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