Mixed Messages, More Pain


“Bottler” Brown, Scottish prime Minister unelected, and his glove puppet “Dobbin” Darling are announcing a further massive round of donations to the banking industry. The first round failed to work. Heartened by this signal failure, the undynamic duo see a new opportunity to commit Brits to massive borrowing to prop up the banks.

The first round saw money being diverted to pay yet more bonuses to banking bosses and workers in reward for their failures. This new round of taxpayer funding will be greedily seized by the banks, who will then come back for more.

In a free economy, commercial entities have the freedom to make decisions. If those decisions are wrong the companies go bust and new companies emerge that make better decisions.

In the Blair Brown Regime command economy that is following on from twelve years of Government irresponsibility, failure is rewarded lavishly, particularly if unrewarded failure is likely to threaten votes.

Thus far, “Bottler” and his henchmen have been able to borrow huge sums in the name of Britons, saddling future generations with massive debt that will take years to repay. However, we are coming very close to the point where lenders will not even lend to the British Government because they fear a default. That’s the point where the Bank of England presses roll, printing bank notes. “Bottler” has obviously been closely following the example of fellow national socialists in Zimbabwe who have been printing ever larger banknotes and will soon be printing 100 trillion dollar notes that could be briefly worth as much as £20 in the heavily devalued British currency.

Meanwhile, Treasury Minister Shriti “The Shriek” Vadera is apparently seeing green shoots, or maybe just smoking them.


Then there’s English Prime Minister unelected, Lord Gravy of Train (formerly, twice disgraced Blair Brown Regime Minister Peter Mandelson), who sees testing times ahead but does not consider British industry worthy of the generous emergency funding being thrown at the banks.

Strange world, British banks have lost billions of pounds through bad loans to Russian billionaires and US mortgage lenders, which the British tax payer is now expected to bail out, and yet British workers who are affected by the mess created by British Government policies and bad bank lending by British banks are considered unworthy of any help.

The danger is that every country is looking to its own interests in the same way that they did in 1931. That means far worse is yet to come and Britain, counter to claims by “Bottler” is worst placed to deal with the deflation of a Great Depression, which is why the pound continues to fall against even the weakest currencies.


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