Monday is our fundraising deadline. Please help.


Monday is the very last day of our $800,000 Make Harry Reid Cry fall campaign fundraising drive.

Our goal was to launch the largest grassroots voter education campaign in Tea Party history. But we are still $587,000 short of our goal.

Please make a generous contribution of $15, $25, $50, or whatever you can afford immediately.


If we can’t raise this $800,00 by Monday, we will have to drastically scale back our fall campaign efforts.

Please do what you can now. And ask anyone you know to do the same.

Between now and Election Day we must educate voters on what is at stake in Washington.

We need to explain to them that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and his left-wing Democrats are helping Barack Obama destroy this country.

We need to put voter guides in the hands of every single conservative voter.

We must run massive phone banks to remind conservatives to vote.

The Tea Party must swing into action on a truly massive scale in the weeks leading up to this year’s elections!

Please, do what you can right now. If you haven’t given already – please click here.

If you have already donated, please try to make another small gift.

Again, if we can’t raise this $800,000, we will have to seriously scale back our fall campaign plan.

And because we put a fundraising counter on our website, everyone – the liberal media, the White House, Harry Reid – will know it!

Just click here to see our progress and make your donation.

It is our duty to do everything we can to rally the American people against Washington’s big-government mess.

It is our moral obligation to educate voters this fall about the continuing danger of Obamacare, the risk of an amnesty bill passing, and the imminent danger of Harry Reid and Barack Obama’s effort to repeal the First Amendment.

Everything hinges on our ability to get out into the neighborhoods and lobby our fellow citizens.


That’s why we are so worried. If we don’t turn this fundraising drive around fast, we’ll never make our $800,000 goal.

It’s just that simple.

Please give whatever you can. Thank you in advance for all your help!

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Tea Party Patriots National Support Team

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