Mugabe Brown, the Maddest, Baddest Man in Town


The recent attempt at political bullying by arresting an a member of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, and Shadow Minister, under terrorism charges deeply shocked Britons across the political spectrum, but what at first seemed to be an illegal act of the police state is turning out to contain more disturbing aspects at every stage of the unfolding story.

On face value this is “Bottler” Brown at his most cowardly. Encouraging political police to act outrageously and then trying to deny all responsibility when the bully’s victim proves able to punch him firmly on the nose.

Conspiracy theorists will point to a long line of actions by the Blair Brown Regime to turn Britain into a police state. The examples they give are correct and a shaming record of abuse by a Government in any country, even Zimbabwe. There is a conspiracy case to answer, because these multiple acts, over some eleven years, indicate a premeditated and sustained assault on democracy by a totalitarian regime.

There is another possibility and that seems to be the defence being offered by “Bottler” Brown and his motley crew of political rejects.


“Jackboots” Smith is the most incompetent Home Secretary ever to hold this senior office

Reich’s Fuehrer Jackie “Jackboots” Smith was the first to advance this defence.

She immediately claimed that she had absolutely no control over either her own department, the Home Office, or over the Metropolitan Police. She claimed that they had kept her completely in the dark over the planned arrest of Damien Green and the intention to do this in the most humiliating manner as a warning to any individual who does not blindly accept the Blair Brown Regime view of reality. She asks us to believe that the Metropolitan Stasi telephoned Opposition Leader, Cameron and London Mayor Johnson to give them prior notice of the assault on Damien Green by the anti-terror squad, but didn’t consider that the Home Secretary had a need to know. Smith also claims that her Permanent Secretary, an unelected Civil Servant, now makes policy for the Home Office and not the Home Secretary.

This defence is a claim by Smith that she is totally irrelevant and powerless to control a major department of State. Anyone with even the smallest shred of honour and half a brain cell would immediately resign and slink away from public view. Not “Jackboots”, she proudly wears gross incompetence as a badge of honour.

“Bottler” Brown is advancing a similar defence. Any Prime Minister taking this view of himself should immediately resign and make way for someone who can do the job – someone did say a few times recently that this is “A Serious Time for Serious People” and not a time for criminal incompetents who have zero control over the Departments of State and the Ministers who head them. The claim to have a long experience of complete incompetence is hardly a qualification for heading a government. In those circumstances, a complete novice would be more appropriate.

There is a possibility that the Scottish Prime Minister and his Home Secretary may be telling the truth and police and Civil Servants have acted illegally without the Blair Brown Regime’s knowledge. If that was really the case, any honourable and effective government would have made sure that these malefactors were taken into custody and prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


Then there is the strange case of Speaker “Gorbals Mick” Martin and his Sergeant at Arms. They have a duty to Parliament to protect the Palace of Westminster and the Members of Parliament from the abuse of power by any Government. It appears that they caved in to the invasion of the Palace of Westminster by anti-terror police and stood by while police removed confidential documents from Damien Green’s office. This papers were confidential documents sent by Constituents to their Member of Parliament. That appears to be a grave breech of the civil rights of those Constituents. “Gorbals Mick” has an established record of being a stoge for the Blair Brown Regime and it is surprising that MPs have not long ago fired him from a post he appears totally unsuitable to hold.

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