Nasty stuff

I don’t care how hard the Mainstream Media comes at me.

I don’t care how many radical leftists scream in my ear.

I’m fighting for you and our country, Fellow Conservative. The Mainstream Media and the radical left can say whatever nasty stuff about me, but I’m going to fix the mess they got us into during the Obama years.

Right now, the radical left and the Mainstream Media are trying to define our entire movement. I need your support to dispel the attacks by the Democrats and media.

Please make an emergency contribution before Monday’s FEC deadline to show the world that we will not stay silent.


The attacks will keep picking up as we head into the heart of this crucial midterm election.

Like every election, it comes down to the grassroots. They either make or break us. It’s up to us to go out and reach the undecided voters.

Please take a stand with $25 or more to defend our majority.

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Devin Nunes

House Intelligence Chair