National Socialists To Fight it Out?

Will the next General Election in Britain be a fight between National Socialists?


The National Socialists of the Blair Brown regime are trying to wrap themselves in the Union Flag

The Blair Brown regime is increasingly expected by political pundits to hold a snap General Election in a matter of months, hoping that the appointment of the Scottish Prime Minister Brown will provide spin doctors with a narrow window to fool the British electorate. This first National Socialist regime in British history has already done great damage to the United Kingdom.


The National Socialists of the British National Party have long wrapped themselves in the Union Flag

The British National Party is expected to attack the Blair Brown regime in the North of England and in selected urban areas, such as Birmingham and London. Blair Brown regime MPs in these areas are already preparing to fight it out on a national socialist agenda.


The National Socialists of the Scottish National Party have wrapped themselves in the Flag of Scotland

The Scottish National Party will be fighting the Blair Brown regime vigorously in Scotland and are expected to make major gains on the strength of their very good performance in the Scottish Parliament as the minority Government of Scotland.

The result of this fighting between the branches of national socialism could ensure a Conservative majority in the Westminster Parliament and present the most serious and immediate threat to the Blair Brown regime.


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