Never Knowingly Under Spun


How the MOS cartoonist saw it

Bottler Brown promised to stop using spin – so its just another broken promise then is it Bottler?

The missing CDs containing the personal details of 25 million Britons were lost by TNT according to the initial spin from the Blair Brown regime.

Then they claimed the disks were still on Government property so everyone could relax.

Then the search spread to two other mail companies, DX and Royal Mail. The search began to concentrate on a Royal Mail sorting office in Northern Ireland – but still no disks.

The blame was first put on a 23 year old junior clerk who was taken to a safe house (no reason was given for this but it could have been for aggressive debriefing by MI6 or it could have been extraordinary rendition to Egypt) Advice to the clerk when he is released – Don’t go walking in the woods.

It turns out that senior managers were fully aware of plans to save money by sending the disks in unregistered mail without even proof of posting.

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